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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ain’t Everything can be Learnt??

2011/ 2012 sounded too awful for me! I guess 10 years back is better place and opportunity to grow where people tend to put their focus on quality than “quantity”. Life must go on, try to make everything balance toward technology advanced, but then….. money start to be king of everything.

rant, learning, writing, complain, disappointment Raising the small thing, Turning down the bigger one. By 2012 you won’t reach anything without strong foundation of economic sector. Money really works so hard here. When you start to studying, first you have to own money, your ability to catch the lesson is second importance. To be the doctor, the collage is worth so expensive and you could not afford it just by your big curiosity and intelligence. And even to be the employee with medium benefit from reputable company, you need to afford high education before entering the gateway. You won’t be in trouble when your family is strong in financial, but how about the smart student who could not afford for such as high education?? Should he say good bye for sweet dream? Should he give up on the middle of road? Should he pray harder and look up the sky everyday? And when he sent application letter to his dream company, the director will send him rejection letter, “Sorry, kids, You don’t have enough certificate level we need to join our company”.

This is joke. You would never listen the story of “modern” Einstein and the new of ‘Soichiro Honda’ who created magic and inspiring life with their wonderful fight. It seems like people tend to forget that anything can be learn and everyone deserves for the same chance. The same chance.
Let’s look up the sky and see what God will say about this.
abstract, poetry, poem, quotes, wisdom, story, tale, inspiration, motivation 

Photo Credit: akirahbabe(.)blogspot(.)com


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I’m Afraid if I…..

I'm afraid if I..
couldn't walk so strong as I did before,
couldn't go anywhere as free as the bird,
I'm afraid if I..
lose my freedom, stop moving forward

I'm afraid if I…
stay with thousand tasks stressing my psychology,
I'm afraid losing my time to..
declare anything I want to

I'm afraid if I…
at the sudden could not figure it out,
losing my confidence to decide,
disappear my independence to alive,
must sacrifice more and more

poetry, poem, afraid, scare, frightened

I'm afraid if I…
living this worry for my entire life,
couldn't hear my boy raises his voices,
couldn't see people whom I were around when I open my eyes,
but they live in my memories forever

I'm afraid if I…
could not touch you in my second of time
have no shame to miss you…
but no word could explain how much I miss u,
in each my heart beat…

I wish I could come back…
everything seems  impossible!
and this future needs to be handle..

and I'm afraid if I…
lost my passion, just be another maid,
my principle is shaken!
start living in this scare,

I'm under control now!
and everyday is all about losing my mind

abstract, poetry, tale, story, quotes, inspiration, motivation

*Photo Credit: littlebeetle(dot)net

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I Have no Time

I have no time!
I have no time!
I have no time to turn you out,
I’m busy, don’t disturb me!
take care your business, man!

I have no time,
I have no time,
I have no time to sleep,
too tired for things,
I’m going to hibernate by now

time, silence, silent, empty

I have no time,
I have no time,
I have no time thought what you felt,
This boredom kill me,
 please leave!

I have no time!
I have no time!
I have no time doing this,
I need the fresh air,
can you stare at me?
and couldn't you just close the door?

abstract, poetry, tale, quotes, inspiration, motivation

REPUBLISH NOTE: I also republish this poetry to my Bubblews’s post with this url Princess Kaurvaki has copyright for this original poetry and allowed to republish on websites with the link back to this original post.
*Photo Credit: goodreads(dot)com


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Totally Stranger

It been four years now,
work out like a looser and no one notice about me,
I’m invisible, never go ahead!
one said I'm the best, but they couldn't admit,
I'm just another stranger!
grade less, no friend, no reward…

Time run out..
new people came, the veterans gone,
I’m their witness, never go ahead!
My director never gimme the chance!
I feel like another stranger,
going to die as the loser,
go on and on..
as the loser...

I left behind for those who grow,
no one admit me, everyone ignore me…
I’m stuck!
and hurt..
I’m stuck!!
I’m stuck on my way!

I should quite!
new people came, the other veterans gone,
I feel like the deaf for those who won,
I have no achievement, too sad for those who laugh!
I’m stuck!
I’m stuck….
I’m stuck on my way!!

poetry, poem, dark poetry, dark poem

It’s getting hard to decide,
but I should quite!
I have nothing to proud here,
no one admit me, everyone ignore me..
I have nothing to chase,
I have nothing to neither pursue nor dream,
My director close the curtain..
I couldn't move but stuck!

Another new people won the seat,
what I did??
why I kept here?
they closed my curtain already !
I’m stuck!
and hurt..
and I’m fu*ck!
I'm fu*ck on my way!

abstract, poetry, tale, quotes, inspiration and motivation

*Photo Credit: nogreaterjoy(dot)org

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Still Waiting for You

I’m sitting on my back door,
Right from the dawn until the end of every nights,
I’m waiting for you…
No answer, there is no hope!

Day by day, month by month…
Another years has left and gone,
I’m waiting for you till wake apart
I ignore everything..
Forget everyone…
Let me stand all alone!

I lost my enthusiasm,
I forgot how to live,
I forgot to know what I should do!
I’m afraid…
I’m too afraid..
You are the only one sink in my soul!

I keep waiting for you,
Even this heart start to tired,
And this pieces of hope start to spread away…
I just could not say this over,
I never thought find your substitute,
I wish you were here with me…
in this seconds and hours

I’m still waiting for you,
Keep waiting for you,
No matter how long I have to wait…
No matter I lost my hope and soul…
No matter what people talking about…
No matter I never know where are you now…
No matter I start losing my mind…
No matter I cry out loud for every second you left…

I’m waiting for you…
Keep our promise together..
Save our dream for a beautiful tale somehow
Where are you now, my little fairy?
Please don’t say anything..
Please don’t tell me you’ve already gone,
No bright star ever smile to me like you do!

I never moved away, I’m out of here…
Waiting for your presence
Touch me with more tears and laughter

abstract, poetry, poem, quotes, wisdom, tale, story, inspiration, motivation

Photo Credit: Photoworn

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Abstract Melody- Dark Poetry

I’m not sad, I’m not happy..
I’m not glad, I’m not worry..
not afraid of loneliness, never feel the crowded…
I’m not alive, just slowly of death
I’m not in love, might I never!
I have no feeling at all,
I’m just the abstract symphony!

I never smile, nor cry out loud..
I never talk, I wish the voices..
I could not fly, expecting Lord a million wings…
I feel all plain,
I’m as quiet as slow tune

abstract melody, abstract poetry, abstract feeling, poem, poetry, river poetry, dark poetry, river, dark river

It’s so empty here, I’m a lonesome,
I never hate you nor love your presences,
I’m not fall asleep, not awake too!
I’m not glad, not worry at all..
I comfortably numb,
I’m running out of time..

I'm not...
I'm not...
I'm not... not-thing...
I don't even know who I am!

I'm not..
I'm not..
I'm nothing!

I’m just…
part of imagination, living in your memories,
sometimes I’m lost, in a glance appear,
sometimes so strong, too fragile at once!

I’m not..
I have nothing to feel, I’m about lost my mind!

I’m weird out, I’m the abstract melody

abstract melody, abstract poetry, abstract feeling, poem, poetry, river poetry
*Photo Credit: planetminecraft(dot)com

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