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Friday, April 27, 2012

It’s Alone Much Here!

It's alone much here…
no voice left,
no friend stay,
no air,
no dust sweep away softly,
no dry leaves sing a parting song,
no symptom of people pass through..

This dark room getting empty and empty,
I watch the picture of my regretful,
I see my friend photograph,
but remembering them leave deep injured in me,
I wish I can see them and touch their face,
I feel their laugh within, but can’t taste their smile..
I wish to turn back the time just to hanging around with them
Their plain face appears in my dream, but lost in seconds!
It feel alone much here
I wish I’m awake,
and realize this is only dream,
it's not dream at all!

alone, lonesome, lonely, empty, poetry, poem

Sun has been replaced by the moon,
I feel the wind blow, everything feels absurd,
I remember the last time open the window, but can’t clearly see what last thing I’ve done,
It’s just emptiness and lonely,

It’s alone much here,
I wish I hear the voices…
I wish were on another demand,
but it were not dream,
just feel a deep lonesome

 Photo Credit: silverspiral(dot)org

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Something You Believe May Deceive You!

People always think,
that I’m very mature, smart, independent and know-what-to-do girl,
that I can do things I want to..
that I’m genius!
that I’m gorgeous!
and they bet I’m so brilliant and perfect!

For me.. not that high!
If they look deep in me,
I’m just another teenagers..
they will find me as the emotional girl,
the one who sensitive, ambitious, selfish and miss the affection,
I'm not that brilliant..

I want to talk active, but then felt so weird,
I want to live in my comfort zone, but never found it around,
I want to be so cheer, but my child memory about my mom’s death was too real
I want to be rejoice, but the shadow of hurt haunt me in every foot step,

I want to smile, but they told me nothing to smile..
I want to scream, but I have no space…
I want to cry but I told myself I don’t have to…

It’s like I live in a wrong place…
like wrong person in wrong situation…
I’m the stranger myself!

poetry, poem, poetry about believe, strong woman, beautiful girl, brilliant girl, poetry about perspective, poetry about opinion

Hide all your perspective about me!
you don’t know me!
you don’t know me!
you don’t know me at all!

Don’t praise me!
you know nothing about me!
you know nothing…

I’m strong enough!
I’m strong enough!
that's all things you know!
I wish I’m strong enough too..!
but I’m not!

Fly away...ignore me,
I’m fine here,
I don’t even need your wings!
I crawl to get there!

You’d never know who I am…
I don’t need a hand to touch you,
I don’t need a soul to feel your presence,
I don’t need a lips to taste you a kiss..
it’s story about the revive of lonesome!
hardly to understand..

it's just things you should know,
something you believe may deceive you!
and I’m not that brilliant,
I feel the pain too

abstract, poetry, poem, tale, story, quotes, inspiration, motivation
Photo Credit: Favim

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I Love My Friend

“I love my friend neither with my heart nor with my mind.
Just in case… :
Heart might stop, mind can forget
I love them with my soul!
Soul never stops or forgets”
( Rumi )

friendship quotes, sweet friendship quotes, friendship, friend, quote of the day

Having best friend is blessing. You are one of most lucky person in the world because you have shoulder to cry on, a person who never bored to listen your repetitive story, a person who will be your good listener, a person who never bored for an advice, smile and friendship. To be a good friend doesn’t mean you have to stick with them wherever they are and know little thing about them. In friendship, giving space and understanding is quit important. Let’s your friend grow by the time in their own talent. Distance won’t separate your friendship. Friendship grows in your heart and it will remain forever. You would never lose your best friend no matter you no longer hear from them. You live in their heart, they live in your heart. It couldn’t be denied. 

abstract, poetry, tale, wisdom, quotes, story, lyric, inspiration, motivation 

Photo Credit: graphicslava(.)com

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Saturday, April 14, 2012


I’m done!
I’m gone!
I’m lost!
nothing you could expect anymore!
I’m all about give up,
I’m all about dying,
I’m all about missing,
the game is over!

Honestly this is what I feel..
deep frustrated,
being isolated,
being intervened,
so suffered…!!

Honestly I can’t do this anymore,
something better,
laugh out loud,
talk active,
I lost my integrity at all!
I lost my insight..
and everything...

Honestly this is my face right now..
no compliment,
no blow!

poetry, poem, poetry about confusion, dark poetry, sleeping girl, beauty sleeping

I save my regret in you…
wish you left, but I love you more than ever,
a bit of complicated
but at least you know..
I’m not fine at all right now!

you knew I’m the greatest liar ever,
those are the truth that I’d never admit,
I live in another shadow and fake myself every day,
pretend to be happy, but actually I’m not!
pretend to smile, but inside too much hurt,
pretend to be strong, but whenever too much fragile,
I want to be rebel, but the circumstance never conspiring!

In my behalf, everything was done
In my philosophy everything was gone,
and honestly, let me choose…
to left this and start another page write by me!
a blank page!

I just wish I weren’t me!

God.. Can I?

abstract, poetry, poem, tale, story, quotes, inspiration, motivation

Photo Credit: Good Reads

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God’s Choose People

Native People are one of the most respectable people in this world.
Such as Tibetans, they have their faith and would die for it.
Money, greed, genocide, technology… won’t change them.
They are God’s choose people

quote, wisdom

( Rom Tungus – Personal Opinion for Every Animal knows more than you do on Facebook thread )


Please Understand!!

If I don’t want to be disturbed,
it means that I really don’t want to be disturbed.
emotion, angry, understanding, alone, depressed, stressful, under pressure, lonesome, girl, sad

 Please understand!!

( Princess Kaurvaki )


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hey, Do Not Hesitate! -Emotional Quotes

“You are wasting a time,
really wasting a time…
when think best for me, while I don’t think it’s best for me!!
Hey, do not hesitate!!!
I just wanna live!”
( Princess Kaurvaki )

emotional quote, freedom, fly, dream, choice, wisdom, hesitate

Every of you have different perspective in seeing things. I would love to stand on my choice no matter it would look bad in other's view. I would jump to the valley from the highest mountain to accomplish my mission and pursue my dream. I live with passion and that's the reason why I was here and excited with tomorrow. I wouldn't go for your choices no matter you try hard to pursue me. Do not hesitate, I was born to be my self, with my unique character to color your rainbow and blossom your day. Do not hesitate, give me some respect and let me completely moving forward on my talent. You will see me higher by giving more space and freedom to raise my voice! Don’t be worry, I’m so fine, angel!
abstract, poetry, tale, story, poem, quotes, inspiration, motivation 

Photo Credit: Favim

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