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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

You are The King?? Hell, NO Ali!!!

Ali, The Big Mouth

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Today, I want to shout out:  Ali is annoying, very annoying!

October 25th 2011
 Here it is. At date 25 of each month, we’ll receive our salary and over time fee. Like most of outsourcing employee, we’ll receive our salary and over time fee separately. Salary will directly sent to bank account from the vendor, while over time must be taken by supervisor, that is Mr. Wahyu. Unfortunately, Mr. Wahyu is out of town for two weeks. We should receive our over time fee before payment closing date at end of month. In other side, I will take some days off in the beginning of month in order to attend my sister’s wedding. Not only me, my friends also wished over time come on time since it’s our right and part of our need.

Rifa, the payment officer, would never allow us to take our own over time since her rule is must the permanent employee taking it, not the outsourcing employee. I think she’s one of worst payment officer that our company had!!. She never tried to be flexible but keep on her stupid principle while the old payment officer allowed the outsourcing employee take their own over time when the PIC is not available.

The only option is asking other permanent employee which the level is under of Mr. Wahyu to take it. Sadly, it must be Ali. Okay, this time I need his help. He sit next to me, so I wish his understanding and sincerely helping us to get our money as soon as possible.

I hate to say this, but, I have no choice, okay let’s tell Ali for some help, “hey, dude, I need your help, would you like to help me with over time fee?”. He looks so busy with his computer, do not turn his head but keep his eyes to his document and type an email, “Okay..okay… I will take it later”.

Thank you, that makes me feel so good and calm down. Thought I’m not really sure, because he doesn’t look taking it as a serious thing. No…no… I try to have positive thinking about him now, sometimes he’s a good guy too.


October 26th 2011
Monday to Friday, our office hours end at 4 pm. I wait for the good news from Ali, but I didn’t see him yet. It’s about 3 pm now, I could not find him. I think he’s not too busy this time since he has assistant that always did almost all of his work. Well, I guess he’s out of office now. It’s okay if he doesn’t take our over time now. At least we still have 4 days remaining before closing date.


October 29th 2011
Yeah, this is Saturday. I work right from Monday till Saturday like any non- government company in Indonesia, but Saturday we’d have shorter office hours, that is stop until 2 pm. I’m still disappointed since I didn’t receive my over time fee yet. Yes, Ali is way too arrogant!I had ask him many times for this case –I can’t remember how many times I said “please, help taking our overtime fee”-  , but he acts like he’s too busy man and don’t have the time. If you want to know, it’s very simple to take our over time since our cashier must had prepared it and it only takes about five minutes! In the same time, he quickly helps our sales girl, Rossa, who is known as sexy and rich girl in our office, repair the trouble in her computer. Anyway, Rossa is the sales manager candidate, and that’s why I understand why Ali so excited to help her, but heartless to help us. He is so selective to help people. OMG!!!

arrogance, snob, silence, annoyingI need that money, my friends need that money too. May be it’s not big amount for him, but for me it’s very worthy. How hurt seeing him help someone who is just say “please help me” once but then get very quick response, while I and friends beg for his help many times for something which is our right and we really deserve for that, he just ignored us. I want to angry to him, really!! I also want to angry with our payment officer, how not flexible she is! Why can she just break her line when many people critic her for being over??


October 31th 2011
Wooww… something inspire me! Why I keep asking someone who don’t want to help me?? All my action is just make Ali feel like everybody need him and he thought ( again and many times ) that he’s important employee in our office. Hell noooooooooooooooo….. Ali!! You have been here for 7 years more but you keep on this seat, no up grade position and else, so what’s thing can make you proud??. Anyway, Mr. Wahyu is about 3 years old younger than him and just starting working in this company 5 years ago, but now his position higher than Ali. This is the difference, Ali is about himself while Mr. Wahyu is truly care helping each other without seeing grade. That’s why Ali is always left behind beside his big mouth.

Come back, I have an idea to ask Mr. Ono to take our over time. I think our payment officer will allow him to take our over time fee since he’s the permanent employee. Mr. Ono is our senior, dedicated his 7 years for this company. He’s simple man and friendly, and currently as the foreman in our office. At the same time, he asks my help to do some work which is out of his ability. I help him and he helps me sincerely. My prediction is true! It’s only take a short of minutes. Oh, thank you. This guy helps me!

This month I received my over time fee at October 31th 2011. It’s about 2 pm, almost closing time!! Thank you, Mr. Ono! Go to hell, Ali!


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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Quotes to Courage your Soul & Spirit


Fault can be repaired.
Failure deserves for another try.
but GIVE UP means OVER.
We may fail but don’t lose hope and give up!
( Anonymous )

“I don’t want to be on any sexy list.
It’s enough to be desired by one man.
I’d like to acknowledge as a good actor,
but even if I don’t win any award, I’ve already got my reward.
I don’t have to prove anything to anyone
( Kareena Kapoor – Bollywood Actress )

Courage is doing what you’re afraid to do.
There can be no courage unless you’re scared
( Eddie Rickenbacker )

motivation quotes, quotes for soul and spirit

“God never promise you if the sky would always the blue, the flowers would always blossom and the sun would always shining.
But you have to remember, He always gives you the rainbow in every storm, smile in every tears, mercy in every difficulty and answer in every prayer”
( Anonymous )

Work as if you don’t need money,
Dance as if nobody’s watching,
Love as if you’ll live forever.
Motivation takes place when people are happy
( Steve Fine )

“Our task is not being succeed,
Our task is ‘to try’ because in trying, we would find and learn
how to build the chance to get succeed”
( Anonymous )

"Don’t give up, the beginning is always the hardest!"
( Anonymous )

abstract, poetry, poem, tale, story, quotes, inspiration, motivation

Photo Credit: Favim

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The 11 Most Romantic Love Quotes


“When I saw your face, I knew that I fall in love with you…
and then you smile, because you know”
( Romeo to Juliet )

“You’re the best thing to see, I’ll always adore you”
( Anonymous )

"I never regret the amount of love I have given you.
I can't even remember how much it is.
The only thing I know is that you are SPECIAL.
No doubts!
No limits!
No reservations!
and definitely No End!"
( Anonymous, from Mike Explorer Blog )

"Hearts are easily torn, but can also be sewn together by someone who cares.
Though the scars won't fade, the stitches will always be there to remind you that someone loves you enough to keep you whole."
( Anonymous, from Mike Explorer Blog )

"People live, people die, people laugh, people cry.
Some give up, some will try, some say Hi! While some say Bye!
Others may forget you but never will I"
( Anonymous, from Mike Explorer Blog )


love quotes, most romantic quotes, romantic quotes, best love quotes, quotes

“Thank you for loving me,
For being my eyes when I couldn’t see..
For parting my lips when I couldn’t breath”
( Bon Jovi )

“Take me as your third love, after your love to God and your parent.
If someday I left away, you would never lost your biggest love…”
( Unknown )

“Many people despair, broken heart and even suicide
and hurt themselves since afraid of losing of love,
However, love is not about asking or accepts, but how to give.
If we’d ready to give, it means we’ must ready to lose it”
( Unknown )

"for me you’re an angel…."
( Princess Kaurvaki )

“I would never leave you behind…
This is the irony of life, just close your eyes and move ahead”
( Anonymous )

“I love seeing old couples. It give me some faith that some love lasts forever”
( Girls Proverbs )

Photo Credit: turtlefiji(.)com 

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Say Everything Worst about Me!

Say everything worst about me!
I just thought this is my ending :
never find what I searched for,
never succeed for each thrown I did,
never achieve for each dream I wished,
never accept what I should deserved,
never reach what I've been giving up

Say everything worst about me,
then you able to give me such as labels :
I’m the most miserable girl ever!
I’m the most selfish person!
I’m the most unlucky!
I’m the worst dress in your party!
I’m number one in your most hate list!
and everyone laugh on my grieve!

Say everything worst about me!
so you can blame me for too much mistakes of mine :
left my great family for those fuck things,
escaped from home since I couldn't hold this pressure,
said thousand lies to make me feel alive,
pretend to be noisy to make me seems better in front of public,
stole your money to fulfill my lifestyle,
burnt your faith many times and lost no guilty,
wish to turn back time, but knowing it’s impossible

Say everything worst about me,
then you could laugh…
then you could smile,
then you could satisfied,
then you have too much reason could not explain…
to kick me out,
and forgot my fight!

sad, frustated, feel down, feel lost, alone, lonesome, cry, girl, poetry, poem

Say everything worst about me,
then I can cry,
then I get frustrated
then I go mad
then I shout out!
then I’m getting tired
I’m getting suck!
then I complaint,
I’m getting stuck,
then… lost my voices!
just feel too much hurt
carry this burdened alone
with no one care..
and nobody understand

Say everything worst about me,
it’s not make sense anymore!
I could not remove my traces
I could not push my back to this stream
I lost my choices..
It’ s tearing me apart,
to stand with this fake smile..

Say everything worst about me,
say it!
just say it!
this passion is already done and gone!

abstract, poetry, tale, quotes, story, inspiration, motivation
*Photo Credit: bestprofilepicture(dot)blogspot(dot)com

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Princess Kaurvaki: November 2011

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