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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Once in a Moment -Poetry for Life

Once in a moment.. please confess it was your mistake,
Once in a moment.. stop watching the fault by your excellent telescope,
don’t look for who’s to blame, but look for the solution

Once in a moment… please stop defends!
Once in a moment.. see the whole of you through the bright water

Please realize this is not the first time,
do not take yourself higher, don’t let us speak louder,
your arrogance will ruin on you!

sad poetry, poetry for friend, poem, interesting poetry, cool poetry, cool poem, dark water, once in a moment

Once in a moment… listen to people gave you true suggestions,
not to set you into trouble, but more to know the root of the problems..

Once in a moment.. please..
would you listen?
you are such as stubborn rock couldn’t cave in by the tremendous waves,
you are such as the sea with no edge..

Just once in a moment..
please take time..!
to look at the whole picture of you..
we are tired of your arrogance…
we are bored of your attitude…
you are very hard to deal!!

abstract, poetry, poem, quotes, wisdom, tale, story, inspiration, motivation

Photo Credit: johnniecraig(dot)wordpress(d0t)com

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Oh, Gosh, How to Deal?

This is the piece story of my officemates, Dini. She’s 30 years old, single and doesn’t have a boyfriend yet. She’s actually pretty cute and smart woman, but she’s the enemy of everyone. Her mouth is much more spices than chili. Her attitude shows she is not dream woman of anyone. She is so rude and bitchy that everyone tends to avoid her. She’s very senior in office and everyone knows that she’s so moody. The important key: don’t let yourself trapped into trouble with her.

story, rant, emotional person, officemate

The tale is go on…. 
I know I’m the one whom she hates the most. It is cause one day I didn’t realize pull the fan down and injured her leg. It was only small injury and I swear I didn’t realize that fault until she attacked me with her bitchy mouth. I said my sorry many times after that, but she kept hate me. She shared the story to everyone and made me look like weird and freak. I have no choice but keep silent and never look at her. Regarding my silence action, she hates me for more. Whenever I talked to my friends, she thought I was talking about her and judge her attitude with spreading word –she’s very sensitive too!! She hates me more and more then. I’m on her top hate list now! Tried my second chance, I asked her sorry sincerely. She ignored me and pretended not see me. She has done making me irritating. I don’t care with that kind of person, anyway. She’s not somebody for me. I decided to let her on her way.

Lately, she attacks me with harassing facebook status. The two of many of status were made to me are:
“You were not born to make people accept what you believe. Everyone can believe whatever they want. Just stop judging and accept”

“ Love me? Great. Hate me? Even better. Think I’m ugly? Don’t look at me? Don’t know me? Don’t judge me! Think you know me? You have no idea”.

Weird! I was about insane reading them. I thought it should be my status to attack her. Okay, it must be done. I will be hospitalized if I took this person seriously. People may think her a victim of my misbehave. Done, I don’t care anymore. Well in fact, she’s the one who put me on her enemy list. I never made it as a serious problem but she won’t just leave me alone. Oh Gosh, how to deal with someone like her?
abstract, poetry, poem, quotes, wisdom, story, tale, inspiration, motivation 

Photo Credit: 123RF


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Stop Giving Me Theory!!

Feel so angry..
it’s out of my mind,
it’s not clear logical!
got me so furious..
and you set in me into this fire..
stop giving me lectures..
I couldn’t get it!
I’m not your chump.. anymore!

I could see it better now..
no… no… no…!!
stop giving me theory!
it’s very ridiculous!
just like those suck things..
you threw on me!

please stop!
I quite soon,
you couldn’t emphasize things on me anymore,
you gotta stop monetize me!
stop now!
I quite!
no more theory then!!

sad, angry, emotional, furious

For me it’s enough,
I deserve for another chance,
I hate your big lie explanation!
it’s tearing me apart!
oh well, can you see it?
dumb, give me another way out!

I hate the way you told all your stories!
please stop given me theory,
I couldn’t get enough…,
It’s done!
I deserve for another chance!

I couldn’t control this anger remote anymore,
please stop!
I’m going to ruin your life!
it’s just you did too much..
with you stupidity and big lies!
I hate your theory!
please stop now!
I know it never been true!
I know it’s just another lie!
I quite soon!!

abstract, poetry, poem, quotes, wisdom, tale, story, inspiration, motivation

*Photo Credit: silverspiral(dot)org

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A Friend of The Darkness -Dark Poetry

So tired of being here…
start to wondering what about to standing still..
I thought something was lost…
and I’m the only left here..
being a friend of the darkness

Yeah.. that’s it!
I have no choice but to shut my mouth down..
Okay, I stop speaking..
stop complaining too!
I let them decide what’s best for me,
I let them scold at me!
they said I had no voices,
since I’m invisible..
only the darkness see my vision..
and I’m Lost!

The decision is to leave me here,
imprison me from the world,
send me to this narrow cage..

I give it all up to you,
I’m all about alone,
I’m trying hard to accept this..
no one accept me and love me..
so I walk to the end of this empty road,

with the darkness surrounding me

abstract, poetry, poem, quotes, wisdom, tale, story, inspiration, motivation

Photo Credit: thesirenssound(.)com

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

I’ll Cross The Stream, I Have a Dream

“I’ll cross the stream… cross the stream… I have a dream”
( Westlife – I Have a Dream )

dream, chase dream, dream quotes, fly, do it, make it, girl, fly

Ahaayy, let’s turn back the time for a while! When we were kids and the adult always asked: “What you would be in the future?? Would you be a doctor, police or an actress?”. I’m sure that all of us  will be so excited to answer “I wish to be a doctor that heal everyone, so there’s no disease anymore in this world” or may be “I’m the next Michael Jackson, mom!”.

Time flies so fast until you’re another adult that burnt your own dream. When we grow up, more influence come to us. Some could be good and some could be bad. We start easily doubt our power and tend to give up in the middle of our jouney. Oh, hay, what’s the problem?

Now, in your current age, when people ask the same question where you were kids, you may have different answer such as “The most important thing is I get the job to survive and feed my family” or another give up answer. You start to be scared if you get fired, then have nothing to do. You just be thankful and feel enough with this comfort-zone situation. In the end, you stop dreaming –so no need to think a way to pursue your dream.

No.. no.. no.. Let’s get the clue. You have to remember: everyone has the same chance. It’s not always depends on luck and matter of circumstance, it’s all up to you! Life is about ups and down. How hard you try will affect the last result. Many stories proved that. In USA, the girl without hands could be the pilot of the airplane ( it had been publish on magazine and internet around 2010-2011, have you heard that? ). In Indonesia, the pedicab drivers could publish his personal book entitled “becak”*. And we know that the experts such as Einstein and Alva Edison sacrifice everything just to reach their dream. It’s not time to leave your dream alone! It’s time to see more, into your deepest heart, find out what you really want in life, sacrifice for your passion and make chance. It’s time to take a risk, cross the stream, cause you have a dream! Now or never?
abstract, poetry, poem, quotes, wisdom, story, tale, inspiration, motivation 

Photo Credit: Favim


Friday, September 16, 2011

Promise Me... -Quote for Spirit and Soul

Promise me you’ll always remember :
You’re braver than you believe,
Stronger than you seems,
And smarter than you think
( Christpher Robin to Winnie The Pooh )

quotes, friendship, best friend, spirit, soul, pooh, winnie the pooh, encourag, quotes, wisdom

Friends bring the good thing in you. They are sincere people who always remind you that your life is not that hard no matter you just fall from the peak of the world. Good friend believes you have strength to move on from situation where you are in the deepest level of your life. You have power that sometimes intangible, but the color couldn’t be fade away from you. No need to be attractive, you only need to use your little power to tell you that you are going to make it. Still doubt yourself? Ah, please remember what I’ve said: you’re braver, stronger and smarter. You just need to believe in yourself and your power will work.

abstract, poetry, poem, quotes, wisdom, story, tale, inspiration, motivation 

 Photo Credit: HDWallpaperStop


Princess Kaurvaki: September 2011

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