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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Be Thankful for What You Have

Be thankful for what you have.
You have no idea how many people would love  to have what you’ve got

wisdom, quote, quote of the day, thankful quote, beutiful life, beautiful woman

It's a perfect quote to remember. It's so easy to jealous and compare ourselves with what other's have. We have our neighbor's grass greener, as the saying goes. Trust me, it's matter of perception. Don't look up stair too much, you may need to look down stair sometimes. Open your eyes and be thankful. You are wonderful, gorgeous and full of love. People just jealous on you each time you step ahead nicely. You get what you need and be blessed when people wish how they want to sit in your place. Do you get surprise? Yes, after you struggle so hard to steal people attention being somebody else. Don’t ask too much, you have more than enough. All you have to do is to be thankful.
abstract, poetry, tale, quotes, inspiration, motivation 

 Photo Credit: Favim

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Detachment Future

The more they experience pain, the more they feel the insubstantially of this world.
Difficulties increase their detachment future

-Sri Ramakrishna-


You are The Entire Treasure- Love Quotes

How can I ever put a price on the diamond that you are.
You are the entire treasure of the house
love quotes, romance, romantic quotes, couple, lover

Photo Credit: enrique iglesias


You are at The Deepest Level

“You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life,
but by realizing who you are at the deepest level
-Eckhart Tolle-

deepest level, sad, sorrow, disappoint, muse, sleeping, beauty sleeping, tiring, quote, wisdome, saying

When things get crowded and you feel lonely in this dark world, takes time for yourself. Turn the peaceful music on and find the peaceful in you, your soul. You know you can't stop the rain or control the wind blow with your hands. Yet, you have been immune with the power to resist the pain. You can heal your pain and bring back that beautiful smile in you. You have your rainbow, a colorful sketch that cheers the nature. You are here not only for one reason, but millions. Only God knows it. . See, those beautiful butterflies want get closer to you. Get the answer in your deepest heart!
abstract, poetry, tale, quotes, inspiration, motivation 

Photo Credit: Good Read

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Keep Walking, Continue Playing..!

Wait…! Wait…!!!
What do you mean it doesn’t seem to work?? You can’t see your life turning around? Is it hard?

Of course, it looks nothing like that, of course it looks tough!
It is an adventure!
You're an adventurer,  uncertainty and setbacks do occur.
Besides, easy were never be your style, and the decline was a stepping stone to places even greater.

On the day when your dream boat arrived, and now is approaching, the journey and setbacks will be among  your most beautiful memories.

walking, playing, motivation, give up, destination, journey, walk away

Keep walking,
Continue playing!

NB: The Challenge? Problems? It’s way easy, so GO AHEADl!!

( Mike Dooley – Notes from Universe )
Photo Credit: lietingadiena.deviantart(.)com


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You are What You Did!!

“You are not what you said, you are what you did”
( Unknown )

For the whole of my lifetime, I’ve met so many people who expert in wordplay but zero in action. I’m not smart or chosen people who could judge anyone, but this is not baseless! You are an actor of your life and you had many roles to do. You act & pretend, but not always perfect. You advice other, but in fact your glass is about half of full!

And Ali would never change! This month he successfully dumped one of his friends for unclear case. This big mouth person tries to burn his mistakes by blaming his assistant. This case was simply a shame thing. It’ve been one of Ali’s culture and attitude to always ask other to do his responsibility instead of do it by his self. When everything seems to be a mess, then he will put his self into number one person who becomes the victim of someone who didn’t cover his responsibility well. He’s Mr. Right and others are Mr. Wrong.

The most pity person is his assistant, Mr. Affan. Mr. Affan is 37 years old or about 7 years older than Ali. Ali never treat Mr. Affan like someone who is older than him, he just treat Mr. Affan as the assistant, must give excellent service for his leader –I wouldn’t say he is boss, because he’s not boss yet, just very common employee who had one assistant in office. Nothing is special about Ali. And actually the leader is just name of the position, there’s no such a big gap between the leader and the assistant.

Ali, arrogant, leader, boss, annoying

One day Ali asks Mr. Affan to send the document and report it. The document is very important and worth thousands dollars. The trouble occurred when Mr. Affan realized some document was lost. As he remember those document was not in him since the beginning, so he thought its may on Ali. He ask to Ali and guess…. Ali was very angry since the document is very important. He will get trouble if the document lost because the company will lose hundreds of dollars. He doesn’t realize that he contributes for this trouble: 1. He should be the person who is responsible for the document delivery 2. He didn’t make a checklist for document hand over so the document might on Mr. Affan and might on him too, there’s nobody else. Finally the documents were not found and Ali blame Mr. Affan at all. Mr. Affan got punishment and he got fired without have the chance to explain the case from his side.

Ali didn’t feel guilty, never. He didn’t sorry. For him, he never made a mistake, he had done the job well. And of course he will tell everyone that’s Mr. Affan’s mistake and Mr. Affan deserve for the punishment. And also telling he will ready to look for new assistant who is better than Mr. Affan.

Well, several months after this incident, I met Mr. Affan. He said clearly remember the document was not with him. I said I believe him, this must be Ali’s careless, but what can do?? Mr. Affan is now unemployment. It is not easy for him to look for new job since he is already 37+ years old and do not have degree. I said to him to be patient and keep believing that future must be better.

*Dedicate for Mr. Affan ( not the real name )


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Do It...!

Do… what makes you happy!
Be… with who makes you smile,
Laugh… as much as you breathe,
Love… as long as you live

do it, enjoy life, quote, wisdom, quote of the day, inspiration
( anonymous via Juan de Senna )

Simply, life is too short. If you don't enjoy your very short time in life, you will unable to experience the beauty of this life. Regret always comes to an end. You can’t repeat what you had just missed. Don't be worry, sometimes life is cruel and make you hurt. But that hurt is only the way you growing up. With hurt, you learn to forgive and be a better person. You couldn't enjoy life without being hurt. So now, don't let time slip you by. Enjoy life, climb, swim and jump. Break the border, make a friend, fall in love and laugh out loud. You will get surprise than you love it more than ever!
abstract, poetry, tale, story, quotes, inspiration, motivation 

Photo Credit: Favim

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Princess Kaurvaki: November 2012

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