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Saturday, March 31, 2012

I Don't Want to Reach That Point!

The wise said to me,
each turns you through, ups and down are things you couldn't hide,
so feel the challenges,
dare yourself for some adventures!

He also said to me..
you're not always happy,
remember that!
you're not always being accepted,
you have to realize about that!

Thousand souls means thousand views,
different cultures rank you up a million philosophies,
you're not always love your self,
it's a sad fact, but it's sometimes happen in life!
you're not always being accepted,
but it's fine as long as you appreciate who you are

Time ask you to grow up,
you couldn’t reject fate..
the hardest part is leaving one point to another point,
when one adventure has done, now go find the new one!
it's wise enough to understand!
but sometime hard to die to face!

you may want to skip some steps,
but actually nothing best than discovery it!
dare yourself, swim, jump, fly, and cry!
you were born, happy as kid, rebel like teenager, adult need maturity, be girlfriend-wife-parents,
sounds tiring? definitely yes!!
but no choice!

your favorite could be being the greatest rebel in your life,
hard to forget,  too sweet to remember,
seems like don't want to grow up anymore,
just want to stop the time!
the 'pause' button was pressed!
but it won't work in real life..

poetry, poem, sad poetry, poetry of broken heart, dark poetry, childhood poetry, don't want to grow up, girl look the sky

more I grow up, more I understand what the pressure about,
more I know the world, more I know true friends are hard to find,
and I don't want to grow up anymore!
I just don't want!

I just want to be teenager again,
I hate the point when I have to be the adult,
they told me what I should be and it's hurt me sometimes,
but they don’t hear me when I’m sad this lonely,
they ask me to be perfect and stop asking what I want in life,

I don't want to be the mature one, I don't want to be!!
I want to be me,  “me” in this time!
stop to intervene me, I decide my own road
stop to deceive me, I drive my own plane!
and if I want to stay home, don’t ask me to leave!!

I don't want to reach that point,
the point when I'm entering the new journey,
new journey that I don’t want to understand at all,
I'm afraid of being left by other
I'm scare of crowded
It's seems worst outside
and dark within

just let me here..
I want to be teenager once again,
I want to grow up once again,
and feel that warm hug,
and listen to voice saying they love me,
watch the sun shine brighter saying,

“kid, do anything you want to!”

abstract, poetry, tale, quotes, inspiration, motivation
Photo Credit: kootation(.)com

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How to Move On?? ( 8 Great Tips to Deal with Frustration )

No one like to be frustrated, right?? I have never been perfect enough or rich with experience to tell you the best thing about life. Yet, from my perspective, in my journey of being ups and down, I found a lot of bad road in my company. I have never regretted bad road as it will show me to the right direction when I believe so. I’m the one who fall over and over again, but the same times, know how to get up and fight again. I was stuck on the boredom point and wake up in the wrong side of bed, which remind me with all of those pains. Afterall, the only thing left to do is MOVE ON.

1.       Leave them all behind!
Forget those who annoy you and let you down. It’s not about them, it’s about your book and how you manage it. Open your mind and your heart for positive things come from your problem. If your friends betray you, then leave your friends! Those who betray you shouldn’t call as friend! You’ll find a better “true” friend in your following journey.

 If your lover make you broken, it’s a big chance for you to get a better man who accompany you for the rest of his life with sincere love. He was made for you and waiting for you on the other part of the world.

If you had your dreams seems to be broken, believe me it’s just a closer way to go. Remember, closer you reach your dream, harder the road you through! No genius reaches their dream easily. That’s why Alva Edhison and Einsten inspire million of people!

If people make you frustrated with insulting word, then you don’t have nothing to do! We must accept that everyone stand on own principle and they have their mouth to speak anything they want to. We can’t control people. Just listen them, pretend to listen or ignore them.

Once again, Open your mind. Take positive than negative, and you know the world revolves for you. Leave them all behind!
Two reasons people talk behind You:
They're intimidated by you,
 There's nothing good about themselves to talk about
( Unknown via twitter )

2.       Breath in, Breath Out
Calm yourself down! You know everything will be fine no matter what happen. If you get stuck, close your eyes for a while and take a deep breath. Do it several times until you get better.

3.       Fresh Air
Never let your heart feel the emptiness when you’re getting frustrated! Emptiness will make you more feeling down and get frustrated. Take some holiday in new place you never visited before, recognize new people and enjoy new adventures, such as rafting, jump rope or flying fox . New place, new people and new adventure will help you to be more thankful and bring some sensation that your situation is not that worst. And finally you can smile, cheersss….!

4.       Go Shopping
Who doesn’t love shopping? People said that shopping relieve you from broken heart. It seems like the world has been much better when you put a lot of good stuff on your trolley. Ah, you know this for sure!

5.       Listening to the Music
Music is great thing that will change your mood faster. When you’re feeling low, listen to your favorite music and sing a long. Choose light music, not sad music.

6.       Heal with Food
When I get bad mood, chocolate and ice cream is my favorite stuff based on expert recommendation. They are few from many of comfy food. Try these and you’ll love it!

7.       Motivation Book and Quotes
Motivation book and Motivation quotes never failed. They work very well in helping and inspiring million of people that there’s nothing to worry about life. My favorite book is Notes from Universe from Mike Dooley and Chicken Soup The Series who always spoil the readers with motivational story and message.
“I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life in three words :
It goes on!”
( Unknown via The Notebook )

8.       Love Yourself!
This is the point. What do you get by stay too long with your frustration?? Wasting time and more frustrated, right? So….. go something else to do: Treat yourself! You have to learn to love yourself more and more, then you’ll understand that everything can be handle and nothing have to worry. When you’re get stuck, remember that you’re lovely person and you ready to face anything in your life. Loving your self will bring miracle, you can do anything better and solve your problem. It’s a magic of life!


Not a Perfect Angel!

Open your eyes, look at me!
I’m not a perfect little angel!
I do much mistakes,
and do feel guilty…
please forgive me...

not perfect angel, poetry about life, poetry, poem, poetry heart and soul, dark poetry, fly, beautiful girl

I may disappoint you…
I didn't meant to excuse in time,
I didn't mean to hurt you,
nor about to forget our past
it’s a matter of circumstance!!
but after all I appreciate you with all you had!
so please forgive me...

I'm not a perfect little angel!
not for you.. never for anyone else!
If you hate me,
then I would never stop to be who am I,
I’M still ME,
there’s nothing change,
nor something to change…


abstract, poetry, tale, quotes, story, inspiration and motivation

*Photo Credit: Favim

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Literally Like Her

She is ordinary girl,
no glittery at all,
just a natural beauty on her way..

Simple dress affords her,
and she's just beautiful than ever,
her brown hair is blow everywhere,
her eyes spread the spot light to every angle..
couldn't stop adore her!

She is amazing, but feel the beneath low,
she lives around the fake people,
who wears mask within their pearl and gold,
iIf I were near her, I am going to whisper this..
“you’re the most beautiful capture, don’t change anything on you”

She played hide and seeks,
every moved of her seems to be wonderful,
she left the foot print, I tried to pick it up,
I really want to get closer and closer to her!

I always adore the natural beauty,
that she is!
her beauty is more natural than natural it self,
If I had the chance, I would chase over her,
I would beg if only I can be her lover,
I would beg till I die!
I would try my best to catch her attention,
I would fall, run, fly and jump just to get her phone number

poetry about beautiful girl, poem about girl, beautiful girl, look the sky, fall in love, love poetry, love poem

Tonight I can see her foot print left the coffee shop,
it’s a small path, I see it in a glance..
ups, she’s definitely not alone!
someone beside her and hug her waist!
a five years kid is walk together with them..
They are holding hand each other

I’m afraid if she might…
Oh, No!
I even don’t try!!
He might just her admirer, brother or just friends!

I get ahead with a bunch of flower behind my black skinny jacket,
She is smile and stare out that guy
She accepts my flower,
Nicely say thank you,
What a pretty face!!
I keep adore her..

Nice to meet you, she said her good bye
I feel like fly to the air
But that guy burns my dream at the sudden,
He said, “My wife is beautiful, isn’t her?”
What? WIFE???
It’s odd..
I smile to him, looks like the most stupid guy ever
They left me, laugh out loud all the way
I love the sounds of her laugh
but it’s odd on me!

I stand for a while,
laugh myself and feel like a fool,
I’m too adoring her!
But it’s clear for me now..
they are happy family at all,

I’m disappointed..
now I still wonder her in my mind
she’s the brightest diamond in the sea of mud
may be someday I have one like her
Literally like her!
I wish….

abstract, poetry, poem, tale, quotes, story, inspiration, motivation
*Photo Credit: ngewall(dot)com

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Everything will be Fine!

hold your own,
know your name,
go your own way….
and everything will be fine
( Detail in Fabric ~ Jason Mraz )

Things will get better right after you listen to this song. You were on the lowest level on your life and missed the light that was created for you. Border is not place you should call as limit. You are border less. Sometimes you just don't realize it due to mindset and worries. But actually, I have to tell you, that you have power to change anything you want to in a glance. So, do you still have problem to understand it? Follow me: close your eyes, take a deep breath in,  tell yourself you'll be fine passing through all of your trouble, breath out, smile, tell yourself you know you’re so fine now and open your eyes. Have you felt much better?

abstract, poetry, poem, quotes, wisdom, story, tale, inspiration, motivation

Photo Credit: FanPop


Princess Kaurvaki: March 2012

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